Double-click anywhere on the map to create an new isodistance map from that point (double-tap on mobile).
Distance (in feet, max 5280)   Download this KML

* What is this? - An experiment to show, from a given start point, all the roads you can cover within a specified distance. Green marks paths you can reach in the given distance. The blue circle has a radius equal to that distance.
* Why didn't it mark XYZ Ave? - The data used for routing comes from Openstreetmap and is © OpenStreetMap contributors. As with Google map data, sometimes the segments don't match up with reality, especially for sidewalks and parking lots. You can fix wrong or missing data yourself at Note my map doesn't use live osm data, so it won't update here until I manually sync it.
* I clicked somewhere outside of Austin and nothing happened. - It only works in Austin, roughly in the bbox (30.13,-98.03), (30.47,-97.48)
* Where can I find more maps like this? - Check out Walkscore's Travel Time Map, or search for isochrone or isodistance map.
* Should I use these results for navigation? Can I trust my life to this website? - No!
* how u do dis - 1) Read osm xml to build a network of highway nodes 2) traverse network (Dijkstra's algorithm) until distance is reached 3) output visited segments to a kml 4) load kml in google maps web api 5) ??? 6) PROFIT! Questions/comments: